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Trust2Work is a tool for leaders and companies, powered by Morphoza, and is based on a people-oriented process that delivers teams engagement through tailor-made workspaces. This methodology was developed by Diana Calfa, Creative Strategist & Founder of Morphoza and Cosmin Alexandru, Change & Organizational Transformation Partner.

In environments with different changes and projects, it’s easy to experience resistance to transition. Our people-oriented approach helps us understand the cause of the resistance and take steps to mitigate it through a complex effort of constantly engaging teams and aligning their vision with the leadership’s one.

After all, Trust2Work’s ultimate goal is to drive an effective change within the organization and to turn the workspace into a great tool to strengthen the feeling of belonging and pride of your employees.

A change-resistant environment determines individual behaviors that can affect the transformational process. We detect and analyze them, address, influence and change their negative impact through different office configurations.

We create agile interiors that enhance the organization’s ability to adapt quickly to the market changes and to continuously improve its work processes and productivity.

It took us one year to develop the process and the last three to implement, continuously improve, explore and adapt it to an agile extent, so that it turned into a philosophy that empowers companies to become their best versions.

We live in a new reality and we are forced to redesign our workplaces accordingly. Nowadays, our new offices must answer to two important questions: Why we are going to the office and how should the workspace look like? Are we ready to create the best hybrid: flexible workspaces and processes that integrate working from home as a constant?

We believe that, through a people-oriented transformational process, such as Trust2Work, our team, together with our client’s skilled leadership, can turn the challenges of this new reality into opportunities of growth for any company.

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