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Oblich is a new entity developed within Morphoza that combines the talent and creativity of the team’s architects in developing custom-made furniture dedicated to office and educational spaces, with a selection of ergonomic, multifunctional and flexible furniture carefully chosen from the portfolios of suppliers with whom Morphoza has been working for over a decade on various design projects.

Today, the Oblich range includes indoor and outdoor furniture collections, designed and implemented by our team for clients such as Bosch Romania (in the office sector) and Transylvania College (in the education sector). All elements are specially designed to offer the possibility of configuring an agile space, are multifunctional, modular, and can be composed in different ways to serve a wide range of needs.

In addition to customized objects, Oblich also offers B2B customers a wide range of furniture and indoor/outdoor lighting products belonging to brands with which Morphoza has a long history of collaboration. These products have been tested over time, earning our trust and proving their durability and efficiency, so we can confidently recommend them to our clients.

In short, Oblich is a concept designed to add value to the design projects we implement, through products chosen and created in accordance with the set of values embodied in our organizational culture.

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