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Designing the difference

Morphoza was founded at the end of 2004, so for more than 18 years, we design, build and furnish inspiring interiors for innovative office environments. And we get fully engaged, from beginning to end. Our team understands the essence of each project and we commit to deliver a unique solution, created to perfectly fit your business, space and needs. We like to go beyond limits and tendencies and pen out original and time-resistant end-to-end turnkey office solutions by using the best materials, furniture pieces, textures and fittings.

In 2015, we decided to turn our focus exclusively on office projects, with the goal to reinvent the process of designing their interiors. With a solid background in designing residential spaces, we decided to continue using our people-centric approach in transforming workplaces into spaces that truly feel like home.

To take things one step further, we have developed within Morphoza a workspace consultancy tool that delivers workplace strategies and processes to help clients maximize their real estate portfolio, align their stakeholders,  transform their spaces and create a great experience at work.

It is a process for companies and leaders to design and re-design their workspace – a  journey starting from their teams, their work style, culture and needs, not from the space  itself. It implies a deeper knowledge of the company, engagement of teams in designing their  workspace and supports the change towards a new space, with new rules. 

Especially after Covid19, all companies face the need to reinvent their offices in order to  support flexible work but also to create a space suitable for physical connectivity in a safe  manner.

We are part of MKT Group, that gathers three separate legal entities, covering the whole spectrum of services, from workspace consultancy & office design, smart spaces technology, furnishing and retail shops.  

Together with our team, we have successfully designed over 100.000 sqm in locations all over Europe: Romania, Malta, Ireland, Serbia and Hungary.

Morphoza is also one of the founding members of an international cluster – Studio Alliance – that gathers workplace experts who share common values, ethics and goals when delivering projects across Europe.

Studio Alliance is Europe’s first and only workplace alliance, adding a great value to our businesses, especially in terms of important knowhow transfer between members.

It comprises of 14 founder members: Area Europe in the UK, Alternativ in Belgium, CAPEXUS in Czech Republic, CDB in France, DIEM in Turkey, Ditt in Holland, DVM group in Hungary, IIS Space in Ireland, Danielsen in Denmark, Grupo Cador in Spain, Il Prisma in Italy, Morphoza in Romania,  Reesco in Poland and Real Group in Germany. 

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