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Welcome to our company’s history page. We are excited to share the story of our journey and the milestones that have shaped our business over the years. From humble beginnings to a thriving enterprise, our history is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our drive to succeed.

MKT Group is a familiy owned business since 1990, founded by Nagy Zoltan. 

Founding Telezimex
Nagy Zoltan si membrii fondatori

Nagy Zoltan, young passionate aspiring entrepreneur founded Telezimex in June 1990, first electronic appliance service based in Cluj  in the post-communist era.

He decided to open his own business while travelling to his job, train engineer mechanic at that time, after he read in the newspaper that privately owned companies can now be officially established by law. He immediately quit his job the same day. Telezimex was in the first 209806 private companies in Romania.

First electronic equipment imports

After thousands of kilometers traveled, first second hand Audio/Video equipment imported from the Netherlands.

Launching CRE Trust

In 2004 the Cluj based company, Telezimex (owned by Cluj business man Nagy Zoltan), together with SEAF Trans Balkan Romania Fund, founded Trustul CRE, a real estate developer which wanted to offer a different life style, a different way to invest and manage a property. 

Trustul CRE's ideal remained the same, and nowadays the Trustul CRE provides a complete solution in real estate: investment and management of the real estate development, property administration services and interior design.
Trustul CRE is known by it's real estate projects: Dora Park - 12 houses - and Bella Park - 50 living units (houses and flat villas). Through them, Trustul CRE intended to create value for Cluj residents. The projects became districts and then real communities, bringing us the confirmation that our values and vision were right for Cluj. The success of these residential developments brought a new project to the table. Trustul CRE decided to expand Bella Park, investing in other 40 houses and flat villas, in the same location.

Founding Morphoza

Morphoza started as an interior design company for residential spaces, with the goal of providing a unique solution and point of contact for complex space transformation processes.

Launching Kuiba

The KUIBA story began in 2014, when the company inaugurated the first exclusive Miele appliances showroom in Transylvania. In a short time and based on its rapid development, KUIBA expanded its product portfolio and opened another store, in the VIVO Shopping Senter! Cluj-Napoca, dedicated to tableware brands, decorations and accessories for the home.

Focus on office projects

In 2015, Morphoza, decided to turn their focus exclusively on office projects, with the goal to reinvent the process of designing their interiors. With a solid background in designing residential spaces, they have decided to continue using their people-centric approach in transforming workplaces into spaces that truly feel like home. Under the company's umbrella, a new process meant to approach spaces from the people perspective was developed. Trust2Work is, therefore, a workspace consultancy tool that delivers workplace strategies and processes to help clients maximize their real estate portfolio, align their stakeholders, transform their spaces and create a great experience at work.

Digital Signage division

Telezimex expanded its service range, including a Digital Signage division, undertaking complex projects for smart spaces: office, commercial, educational spaces.

Turnkey residential service

With a clear mission of providing exceptional and complete services to their customers, Kuiba continued the journey its sister-company Morphoza started and developed a Turnkey residential design service. The company inaugurated its third showroom in Cluj-Napoca: Kuiba Experience Center.

MKT Group
Founding MKT Group

MKT Group was formed, uniting Morphoza, Kuiba and Telezimex with the scope of streamlining the internal processes by bringing them under a single entity with shared resources.

German Design Award
Morphoza's design, build & furnish project for Bosch Engineering Center Cluj has won the prestigious German Design Award 2021 for Outstanding Design Quality in the category: Excellent Architecture - Interior Architecture.
The 10,000 sqm-sized office was configured through a highly engaging process of change management, resulting in a state-of-the-art working space: agile, functional, flexible, with a welcoming atmosphere, fresh design, natural colours and textures.
Kuiba Experience Center Opening
Kuiba Experience Center is a revolutionary showroom based on digital and sensory experiences, where you can experience a full range of products for your home, only from internationally renowned brands known for quality, design and sustainability. Many of the brands are present for the first time on the Romanian market.
Turnkey educational spaces

Morphoza expanded its expertise range, undertaking turnkey transformation projects for educational spaces. The company successfully completed a total school transformation project for Transylvania College in a record-time: 60 working days.

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