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MKT Group is the umbrella under which our three companies operate in the following business sectors: Morphoza – office turnkey projects, KUIBA – a company with a combined business model (retail and turnkey residential projects), and Telezimex – distributor of electronic components, interactive video display systems, smart office/smart home systems, and authorized service provider for Samsung, Miele, LG, Nespresso, Bosch, Panasonic.

The reason behind the formation of the group is as intuitive as the resulting name: the desire to streamline the internal processes by bringing them under a single entity. In this way, we are able to add real value and provide improved services, building together a business model that is client-focused, continually innovative and fully equipped to take on even the most challenging and complex projects.

This important step would not have been possible without a set of common values on which we formed a dedicated, professional team that shares our strong desire for development, learning, and continuous innovation. We are all guided by professionalism, creativity, proactivity, empathy, determination, performance, integrity, and sustainability.

Therefore, with an antreprenorial history since 1991, With a multidisciplinary team of over 80 specialists that share these values (architects, designers, technical experts, project managers, account managers, furniture, and organisational transformation specialists), we have all the resources in-house to manage and deliver any project within the time, budget and quality standards agreed upon with our clients. All our experts get personally involved in their projects and are fully committed to offering exceptional services to the clients that choose us as their trustful partner.

Learn about the core values that have been driving our company since its founding, and how they have evolved over time. Discover our company’s rich history and how it inspires us to maintain our dedication to providing exceptional services and products to our customers.

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